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 How Brain Creates a Memory

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 Posted On: Jul 14 2017  At: 11:16:54 AM

Our brain is a big thing in a small place; it is complex, intricate, proficient and amazing. It functions by creating patterns of neurons.
There are ways regarding how our brain creates a memory.
Through three major steps, we become able to memorize and recall our memory. Memory is a complex process it gets generated through the following three brain activities.

Creating a Memory

When we experience something or our brain sends signals in a certain pattern, and it generates a signal between are neurons which are called synapses.

Consolidating the Memory

Our brain continuously produces signals and follows the patterns once set up to keep the experience alive in our head. It is known as the process of consolidating. In which our brain keeps the memory for a long time so that we can recall it later. Most of the process is carried out while we are sound asleep. Our brain strengthens the synapses by recreating the patterns.

Recalling the Memory

Have you ever noticed how we could remember everything happened at the last summer party or the night out with buddies? Well, our brain has been strengthening that particular memory over time, and by recalling it after every few days or time, we are rebuilding those patterns.

There are some healthy natural brain supplements too which boost the functionality of our brain.

So, are you planning to recreate synapses to stop your precious moments slip away from your head?

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 Posted On: Jul 15 2017  At: 06:16:01 AM | Reply Link

At the time of the attack, Nader was a postdoctoral researcher at New York University. He flipped the radio on while getting ready to go to work and heard the banter of the morning disc jockeys turn panicky as they related the events unfolding in Lower Manhattan.

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